Any single question about a particular historical military related event, military unit, or military relic or flag, including simple insignia or flag indentifications and current market value or item sources, can be addressed in a short reply letter or e-mail message format for $50 USD ($55 via Paypal), this includes offers to buy your item. Longer, more in-depth questions, requiring additional research time and effort costs $100 USD ($110 via Paypal). Extensive research reports, or requests for documented source quotations to establish the estimated replacement value can be done for $175 ($183 via Paypal). Flag or relic artifact dating and old flag conservation proposals and advice are available at $300 USD ($315 via Paypal) per item or question. For pay to Paypal account name or for more details about available services options send me an e-mail requesting same.

Any of the above research options (1-4), may be selected on a pre-paid basis. If an offer to buy is made and rejected the fee for same still applies. All options require a minimum of 30 days plus to prepare and deliver after payment is received. I look forward to hearing from you on the above, and also providing you a quality research product.


My research services are now being made available to the general public as a resultant of having personally analysed literally thousands of artifacts, including items in many private and public collections - entailing visits that required actual world wide trips to hundreds of museums to see up close specific relics, as well as participation in certified museum science and artifact conservation courses at UCLA in the USA.

All of this previously uncompensated effort has now culminated in a quite unique and proprietary set of relic evaluation criteria, research procedures and methods, all ultimately yielding a quality research study reply product. As such, referrals to others about these available research services are always most appreciated and welcome.


All research fees are to be paid in advance, with a refund being contingent only upon not providing any reply at all to the proposed question. A negative research result still requires full payment as all research projects undertaken, regardless of the scope of the proposed question posed, involves some time and effort to accomplish, and report details about same will not be provided, unless requested and agreed to at the time of full prior to services payment receipt. However, all reports when produced will contain contents based on unique experience gained knowledge, and data from extensive archieved files developed from having delt with historical military research subjects for over thirty years. Artifact conservation proposals and/or old flag dating efforts will require having the item in hand, or at least be based on numerious clear and detailed photographs provided by and at the expense of the research question requester. Return postage and insurance for same is extra. Sometimes requester provided photos can not be returned as they may be sent elsewhere for further opinion purposes.


P.O. Box 4643
Stockton, CA 95204-0643 USA.,

or e-mail:OLDFLAGSWANTED@att.net


"A moth eaten rag, on a worm eaten pole, doesn't seem likely to stir a man's soul. But it's the deeds that were done beneath that moth eaten rag, when that pole was a staff, and that rag a battle flag."

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines the uncommon word vexillologist, as "one who studies flags". But don't call OLDFLAGSWANTED by that moniker, as OFW is not satisfied with just the study of flags, but actively pursues them, having collected over 1000 examples during the past three decades.

OFW fondly traces his first flag back to the early 1960's Seattle World's Fair, where a dollar stick mounted Century 21 Exposition Logo flag was bought for him by his father as a fair souvenir. OFW went on from that initial flag to collect numerous obsolete foreign national flags and in kind American flags of less than the current 50 star/state pattern. Oddly enough it was the use of one of his original 13 star flags that allowed OFW to win for his wife a nice antique wind-up Seth-Thomas pendulum clock, as the top prize in an oldest American flag contest.

Since then however, like the lost gold of the Spanish Treasure Galleon "Atocha", or more in the spirit of Hollywood's "Maltese Falcon" and   "Fallen Sparrow" films, it's the lure of the  recovery of forgotten, lost, or hidden military battle flags, that has captured OFW's collecting attentions. As such, he now dates his earliest flag, age wise, back to 1761, where it was hand made by the ladies in waiting of the Royal Court of Queen Charlotte, the wife of England's King   George III. And even more recently to the combat captured flag from Panama's General Noriega's HQ office, and Iraqi surrendered flags from the trenches and bunkers of Kuwait.

The general public, and even most experienced in the antique trade, know very little about Military unit flags, also called colors and standards. So eventually, OFW intends to wrap-up his sometimes seemly pseudo "Indiana Jones" like search for lost military flags, by documenting his extensive flag knowledge and recovery exploits in a book about flag collecting. His book will outline for the novice, how flag prices vary based on condition, age, country of origin, and available background history. Also he hopes to make it clear that other unit flag associated items are also just as collectable as the flag cloth; including poletops, photos of flags being paraded, parade programs, as well as such mundane, but issued items, like canvas weather flag cover bags.

Finally OFW does willingly admit that such a hobby is not for everybody, as most collectors prefer more durable items other than cloth. Yet he still contends that: "A moth eaten rag, on a worm eaten pole, doesn't seem likely to stir a man's soul. But it's the deeds that were done beneath that moth eaten rag, when that pole was a staff, and that rag a battle flag."

OLDFLAGSWANTED is always glad to hear from others with available for sale embroidered military & movie unit flags, any nation or period.



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