"What are the Colours?"

"Not an old rag, but a flag, and I'll buy it!"

I actively pursue old original embroidered military unit flags, from all nations and periods. After nearly thirty years of hunting my collecting, acquired examples range from as early as a 1761 Highland Regiment hand made in Royal Court of England's King George III, to a combat captured flag from Panama's General Noriega's office. Also seeking unit flag related items; such as poletops, photos of flags being paraded, parade programs, as well as other issued flag related items, like canvas cover flag bags. For an example listing of typical "wanted" parade programs, just click... HERE


Military unit flags (embroidered & depot made)...Guidons (silk or wool bunting)...Fragment unit flag pieces (documented)...Battle streamers...Engraved pole rings...Cords & tassels (military issue only)...Old flag books...American Military Issue Parade Size Stars & Stripes Flags...Ship flags (Navy Yard made and dated)... Flag cover bags (military issue only)...Pole tops (military spears only)... Unit flag photos (clear flat display views)...Troop and parade photos (showing unit flags)....Military unit flag stands & carry harness (old & unusual only)... Prints (of unit flags in combat) ...Plates of flags (from old dictionaries, etc.)...Will trade flag dating and identification services for flags....Referrals paid if flags purchased from others via referral!!! What do you have????????



1. Photos of Iraqi unit flags (Please no far away views)
2. Photos of North Korean unit flags
3. Photos of captured U.S. unit flags in North Korean War Museum
4. List of WW2 captured German unit flags in Moscow Army Museum ---->
5. Close-up detailed photos of former Soviet & DDR unit flags
6. Any info on German Teutoberg Forest Roman Battle Excavations

So the Colours are...

"A moth eaten rag, on a worm eaten pole, doesn't seem likely to stir a man's soul. But it's the deeds that were done beneath that moth eaten rag, when that pole was a staff, and that rag a battle flag."

I have some 10,000 military items available for either cash or trade for unit flags. Militaria collection disposal lists are periodically available, as are available item referral links, upon specific email or snail mail request. CONTACT:


P.O. Box 4643,

Stockton, CA. 95204-0643 USA.,

or e-mail: OLDFLAGSWANTED@att.net

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